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From the Pastor's Heart . . .

Dr. Darryl T. Jones

Senior Pastor

Greetings SWEETWATER Family ,

Love In Action!!! We love you! 

I know these are some difficult times for all of you. These times also bring uncertainty. I want us to especially please do 2 things. 1.  Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray for one another. 

2. Let me know if you need assistance in food - or even going to get grocery store stuff. 
We have a bunch of our Church families in your area ready and they are willing to help you out.  They are willing to be your hands and feet and run get stuff .     
They have been reaching out to me to let me know they are willing to help. 
You have to let me know. 
Also, If you are willing to serve in that area, please  let me know. 

Yes, We are all practicing Social Distancing and that is wise at this time. However,  we can operate in that fashion and still serve. There are ways. 
We want to be a blessing! “Be The Church”
To all our Senior Adults and those of you with children., Please let your Pastor  know if you need assistance, we will try to do what we can. 
I know Some amazing things are taking place during this time.  Please let me know How God is moving through all this. The best way to reach me (Mrs Lori is helping me monitor) is

                                                 (click )
You can also FB message me 
Darryl Lori Jones

Be on the look out. For Devotionals and important  info.  Also tune in Sun 10:45 Facebook Live!!! More info coming. 
If you know of any that do not have Facebook and would like to be included in worship. Let me know. We can send CDs that have the message recorded.   The recorded messages will also be here on the website.
Let me know how y’all are doing. Flood us. It’s ok.!!! 

We love you and miss you. 
Greater Days Ahead! 
Pastor Darryl and Lori. Psalm 100


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